Friday, April 11, 2008

Kiss and Hug to be Stress Free

How often do you kiss and hug your significant other?

Not something I really thought about that often, but I will now.

Yes you give or get the "hello" and "goodbye" kiss the "thank you" and the "your welcome" kiss. Maybe the "I'm sorry" kiss but what about kissing to help with stress.

How does kissing and hugging release stress?According to a survey done at the Berman Center in Chicago which included couples that frequently kissed - just to kiss and for no other reason these couples were found to have less stress. The results showed that these couples were eight times more likely to be stress and depression free when compared to couples who only kissed during sex or intimacy. These results may be because kissing releases oxytocin which has a calming effect.

And to further prove this theory another study done at University of North Carolina of 38 couples found that a 20 second hug increased blood levels of oxytocin as well and also reduced stress hormones in both men and women. Read More On Oxytocin...


LLnL said...

I'm happy. I know that my husband would love to get more kisses from me. Now I know that this is not only important for our romantic life, but also for our health.

Great post. This was my first visit but I plan to be back.

Heather said...

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