Friday, April 11, 2008

Kiss and Hug to be Stress Free

How often do you kiss and hug your significant other?

Not something I really thought about that often, but I will now.

Yes you give or get the "hello" and "goodbye" kiss the "thank you" and the "your welcome" kiss. Maybe the "I'm sorry" kiss but what about kissing to help with stress.

How does kissing and hugging release stress?According to a survey done at the Berman Center in Chicago which included couples that frequently kissed - just to kiss and for no other reason these couples were found to have less stress. The results showed that these couples were eight times more likely to be stress and depression free when compared to couples who only kissed during sex or intimacy. These results may be because kissing releases oxytocin which has a calming effect.

And to further prove this theory another study done at University of North Carolina of 38 couples found that a 20 second hug increased blood levels of oxytocin as well and also reduced stress hormones in both men and women. Read More On Oxytocin...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Measles Outbreak in the United States!

Parents Be Aware:

There is a measles outbreak!!
It is affecting different parts of the United States.

A measles outbreak has been reported in the United States. This has been linked to an introduction from someone in Switzerland visiting Arizona. The first case was reported on February 12, 2008 when an adult visitor from Switzerland was hospitalized with the measles and pneumonia. Still ongoing there has been nine confirmed cases through March 31, 2008 in Arizona. And two other suspected cases in which one is a resident from Colorado. These nine cases that have been confirmed range from the ages of 10 months to 50 years old. All of these were infected in the healthcare setting except for one. And all these cases were individuals that were unvaccinated during the time of exposure. Read More About Measles Outbreak...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

5 Reasons to Fake an Orgasm when You Are Too Tired for Sex

Alright Moms and Dads - I know we will not admit it, but kids are exhausting at times and sometimes we just are not in the mood. But we find it easier to just ~well~ you know fake it so these are reasons that we may just fake it. It doesn't mean we love you any less it just means we are too tired to do it and too tired not to.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Enchanted...Happily Ever After

Need a movie for a fun family night I suggest Enchanted. It is a great way to spend time with the kids...
A fairy tale that comes to life...a movie of a fairy tale Princess that only believes in a true love kiss and a happily ever after ending.

Enchanted is a movie about a cartoon Disney fairytale Princess who is sent to our modern world in New York City. She is vanquished from her world of Andalasia by an evil queen in hopes of never giving up her throne. Soon after her arrival into New York City, the Princess begins to change her views on life and love after meeting a handsome lawyer.

What a fascinating way to look at life and oh, how very true it is that we all seek that magical ending. Everyone is looking for that prince charming and when they do find him does it really mean forever and ever. According to this movie, there are such thing as magical endings with a happily ever after. Read More on Enchanted...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Parents Beware: Household Products Are the Drug of Choice for Adolescents

Isn't it enough that we have to worry about our children and what they are doing away from home? But recently I came across this list of the potential dangers of drug use in our very own homes.

Are you aware of what products or chemicals are found in your own household that kids can use to give an effect of an illicit drug? It is disturbing to know that the youth of today has the ingenuity to figure out which common household chemicals and products can give them a "high" without a parent figuring it out.

Recently, the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition released a report indicating that inhalants were being used more often than marijuana or prescription pain killers by kids on the brink of becoming teenagers. It was stated that among young drug user's common household chemicals were used to get high, and often this is done before moving on to other illicit drugs such as marijuana or pain pills. And adolescent girls were particularly more vulnerable to inhalant abuse. Please click and read full article to get a list of these household products

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spitzer's Sex Scandal Then Paterson's Extramarital Affair: Politics or Soap Opera

Isn't it a shame that we can no longer watch political event's with our children?
I am not one that will usually write about politics. Personally, it is a subject I tend to shy away from because of the controversies and the tendencies of bringing out the worse in what people have to say.

But come on already I am so tired of hearing all these scandals about our politicians. These people are suppose to be lawmakers, making this a better place for us. They are suppose to be the mere people that our children and their children are to be reading about in history books, yet it seems that every time the television is turned on there is a new scandal going on.

It is almost scary to let our children involved in the politics of today. When my daughter has a current events article due on the government I have to actually monitor what it is she is reading. I am afraid that she will be the one to discover all these dirty little secrets before I do. Then what, I have to explain to her what our politicians are doing. Then when she says why? How can I answer her? Please read more...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

10 Ways to Deal with Road Rage

Alright parents we are all out there driving on a daily basis, right? Especially picking and dropping off our children to activities, school and carpooling. And I know we have all experienced road rage as well, so today I have an idea we put it all aside and read this 10 tips to deal with road rage to help cope with our stress. Good Luck!