Sunday, April 6, 2008

Measles Outbreak in the United States!

Parents Be Aware:

There is a measles outbreak!!
It is affecting different parts of the United States.

A measles outbreak has been reported in the United States. This has been linked to an introduction from someone in Switzerland visiting Arizona. The first case was reported on February 12, 2008 when an adult visitor from Switzerland was hospitalized with the measles and pneumonia. Still ongoing there has been nine confirmed cases through March 31, 2008 in Arizona. And two other suspected cases in which one is a resident from Colorado. These nine cases that have been confirmed range from the ages of 10 months to 50 years old. All of these were infected in the healthcare setting except for one. And all these cases were individuals that were unvaccinated during the time of exposure. Read More About Measles Outbreak...

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Kloggers said...

Hello - what a lovely blog site you have created. I come from England and we too are finding an increase in measles. There has been much talk over here about links from the MMR innoculation and autism and bowel problems. Some parents have therefore been trying to get the single measles jab which apparently appears to be proving difficult.