Monday, March 24, 2008

Parents Beware: Household Products Are the Drug of Choice for Adolescents

Isn't it enough that we have to worry about our children and what they are doing away from home? But recently I came across this list of the potential dangers of drug use in our very own homes.

Are you aware of what products or chemicals are found in your own household that kids can use to give an effect of an illicit drug? It is disturbing to know that the youth of today has the ingenuity to figure out which common household chemicals and products can give them a "high" without a parent figuring it out.

Recently, the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition released a report indicating that inhalants were being used more often than marijuana or prescription pain killers by kids on the brink of becoming teenagers. It was stated that among young drug user's common household chemicals were used to get high, and often this is done before moving on to other illicit drugs such as marijuana or pain pills. And adolescent girls were particularly more vulnerable to inhalant abuse. Please click and read full article to get a list of these household products


Tina Molly Lang said...

hey mags! congrats on setting up the page. it looks great!

Tara R. said...

Several students at a high school where I live were expelled recently for bringing and ingesting one of their father's pain medication. We also need to be sure to secure our own meds, especially those that can be harmful when not taken correctly.