Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spitzer's Sex Scandal Then Paterson's Extramarital Affair: Politics or Soap Opera

Isn't it a shame that we can no longer watch political event's with our children?
I am not one that will usually write about politics. Personally, it is a subject I tend to shy away from because of the controversies and the tendencies of bringing out the worse in what people have to say.

But come on already I am so tired of hearing all these scandals about our politicians. These people are suppose to be lawmakers, making this a better place for us. They are suppose to be the mere people that our children and their children are to be reading about in history books, yet it seems that every time the television is turned on there is a new scandal going on.

It is almost scary to let our children involved in the politics of today. When my daughter has a current events article due on the government I have to actually monitor what it is she is reading. I am afraid that she will be the one to discover all these dirty little secrets before I do. Then what, I have to explain to her what our politicians are doing. Then when she says why? How can I answer her? Please read more...

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