Monday, February 18, 2008

How We Got Our Dog...

I was by no means a dog lover, yes I would pet them when I saw a neighbor or a friend with their companion. However, I just never felt a connection. I guess they were cool to look at, but when I thought of the time and commitment that would take into getting an animal it wasn't something I wanted to do.
And after years of battling with my four children as to why we could not have a dog, I finally caved in but not reluctantly. It took months of researching that people thought I was actually insane. I think it took more out of me choosing a pet then I did for my car. I knew there were things I definitely did not want and things I did want. After long hours of surfing and interviewing I can honestly now say that my choice of a golden retriever was my best bet. I wouldn't change a thing, he is everything I wanted and so much part of our family.

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Dette said...

lol - I did the EXACT same thing!! After months of research and how and why and what to look for, we brought home a yellow lab.

Samson is big ol' teddy bear. And while he drives me NUTS at times, he's (almost!) like one of the kids. :)