Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Word "Friend" Also Means "Acquaintance"

Does anybody ever wonder what the term friend actually means? According to the dictionary the word "friend" has many different meanings:
- a person whom one likes or trusts
- an acquaintance
- a person whom one is allied in a struggle or cause, a comrade
- one who supports sympathizes with, or patronizes a group
I find this to be a strange definition of the term "friend" since it can mean that anyone we come into contact with would be a friend. How many of us have friends that are true friends, then we have the soso friend that we may chit chat with at times. Then there is the friend that we have by association.
So who is the person that we disclose our inner thoughts too?
This was just a tempoarary act of thinking out loud and it actually came about after talking to my kids and trying to get their input on whom they consider a friend, since different ages having different meanings and the best that they came up with was bff (best friends forever). Any ideas on a new one word out there?

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