Friday, February 29, 2008

A Dialogue with Cinderella...

Have you ever wondered what some of those stuffed animals or dolls laying around the house must think? I know it sounds insane, but when my days are so hectic getting the children ready and the dog out and once I settle down I stare around the room and I see these little figures all over and at times I just think to myself-What must these things think about me?
So one day I decided to have a conversation with a figurine on my window sill and that happened to be cinderella.
It was a great conversation and after talking to her I realized that she knew a lot more than I ever would have thought. I remember her telling me that everyone ultimately wants a happy ending. That is why I am here to always remind you and your family that we can get there. At times it will be tough, but if you try hard enough for anything it can and will be yours. Do you have a favorite doll or toy that you can converse with? If you have kids I'm sure you do.

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