Saturday, March 8, 2008

Crazy Month of June

I know that things can get really crazy with such busy work schedules and kids. But I often wonder do we do this to ourselves as well. Why as parents we decide to pick up extra tasks when in reality we can barely manage what we already have. I hear the same story from all the mom's and dad's how crazy their schedules are. I know personally I drive me self to a point of no return at times.
Back in June I remember how crazy it had become I was so wound up at work, and with all the kids' end of year activities I had been running around like a chicken without a head. With all of these things piling up I still manage to volunteer and help out with the class party (Why?). So now I had to make 23 goody bags and find a craft to keep a bunch of 9 year-olds from getting bored to death. Because naturally there is not enough for them to do in today's busy world. Naturally.
Three days later I was off to the races again. This time in search of a baseball glove because my daughter decided to try out for the all-star softball team and she was unable to locate her glove (did I expect anything different). Now I was in a mad dash looking for a certain brand of glove which I had written down on a piece of paper and threw in my purse. And of course I couldn't find the paper. I went to the counter and tried to describe the glove. I got this weird look from a middle-aged man whose name tag said Homer. I then turned to a clearance table and started the search in my purse. I empty it all out with no luck and as I started tossing everything back in, I grabbed a hand warmer that was on the table and it slipped into my bag. Then came Homer requesting that I search for that darn piece of paper that I had explained to him earlier was lost. I turned my purse over and not only did the paper fall out but so did the clearance item. I was mortified. Homer must of really thought that I was that desperate for a hand warmer in the middle of June. I apologized and quickly headed out the doors feeling like a real loser, and without the glove (how pathetic). One small story of June.
Have you had any crazy months to tell about or are they all CRAZY!

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