Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eat Healthy Snacks to Maintain a Diet

As parents and individuals I think we would all like to incorporate a healthy diet into our lifestyle, however again with so much to do and limited time I think the urge to over indulge on not so healthy food is a normal habit. If we were to look around at ourselves and our children's eating habits I am sure that we would see so much unhealthy snacking so today I would like to share with you on some quick ways to eat healthier and especially snack healthier. The big key is to select foods from the five food groups it is simple to do since they can be found so easily. Snacking is the toughest part to eating healthy and it is a good habit to introduce our children to at a young age.
Picking snacks to balance your meals or a particular diet is the key to all snacking. To do this is pretty simple, have well planned snacks ahead of time to help reach certain dietary goals. So, if you are aware ahead of time what you need and should have to snack then have them readily available and this will take the burden off of you. This will prevent you from quickly reaching for that unhealthy snack or that quick vending machine fix.
Stay healthy and eat well.


Lime & Tequila said...

Good information, I think of myself as snacking all day long. This is because I eat six 250 calorie (give or take) meals a day.

*sigh* Except today. I made brownies for my daughter's birthday. Thirty some odd brownies to take to her school. But she had a substitute teacher and the substitute would not let her pass them out. So they came back home.

I resisted these tempting morsels when I made them. But when they came back, it was too much to resist and I had two brownies with milk.

Lovely, but so wrong. Lol, I got distracted, good post. I'll be taking your advice over the next few days to make up for my brownie extravaganza.



Mommy2Lots said...

Great points. Healthy eating is essential. I have found that with the kids, if we don't have or don't offer the sweets, they really don't miss them.

If there is fruit, trail mix, veggies, or other healthy stuff for snacks, they'd rather that than the "junk" anyway.

As far as my husband and I, well, sometimes that's harder and we slip. I think it's because adults can do what they want (sort of). LOL