Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fondling Our Breast During Dinner is Not a Turn On!

Alright ladies I know we have all been there, we are tired and slightly aggravated by all the days' events either from being home all day trying to straighten up or caring for the little ones. Or we have just arrived home from work to start our second shift as mommy and wife, then our significant other walks in and as a form of affection we get a squeeze at the boob. Now what in the heck is that all about? Are we supposed to turn around and suddenly feel excited? Instead we just smile and walk away to avoid any conflicts, but what is really going on in our minds? Huh?
Fondling our breasts during dinner time is not very stimulating. This is not a turn on instead is more of a nuisance, but yet it seems to go on all the time. Please don't misconstrue this, I only write this because I hear the same story from a lot of women who say that this form of affection can be annoying only because of the timing. I'm sure we love sex and when appropiate can be very enjoyable but not during "family time."
Ahhh, what can we do? We complain if there is not enough affection and then we complain when there is too much. Oh well I guess we must just live with it, right?

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